Hey there,

My name is Wayne Daly and I am a software engineer. Some of my other interests include crypto-currency, thinking up idea’s for projects and keeping up to date with global trends. I enjoy travelling and make sure to take pictures of the places I have been. Here are some that I have collected:


So this one was of some guys we saw in a yacht near the shores of an island we were staying in near Greece.


Here is the rear view of our ferry as we left the island to head back to mainland Greece to catch our flight home.


This one is of my girlfriend sitting on the ledge of the Galtees mountain. It took us 2 hours to reach the summit and around 7 more to get back to the car because we decided to go down the side and take the ‘scenic’ route. We ended up trekking through some lovely places but had to spend an hour walking a motorway to get back! My legs were out of commission for a good two days after this adventure!


Here is the central market place in Athens, you can see the iconic ruins on the mount in the background of the pic if you squint. The heat in Athens was intense and we were glad of the street merchants providing ice cold beverages. You can see the graffiti epidemic in the picture, this gave a great insight to the turmoil the Grecian people were enduring during our visit as the financial crisis had wrecked their economy. What else can you expect with corrupt officials availing of secret loans with Goldman Sachs?


Here is another shot of our trek up the Galtees, thankfully the weather was good that day… for a change.


This was taken on a beach near sun set on a tropical island near mainland Greece. The island was full of police officials during our stay. Apparently a bank heist had happened not long after we arrived. No harm in bringing this sleepy old island to life.


This was a close up shot taken with my macro lens for my Nikon. Had to try it out somehow.


Our farewell to our ferry as it left to pick up more weary travelers.


While staying on the island it just so happened that a festival was to take place. Fireworks galore.